BKM Holding won in the Brand of the Year 2019

BKM Holding won in the Brand of the Year 2019

On January 30, 2020, the Maroon Restaurant hosted the awarding ceremony for the Brand of the Year 2019 winners of the professional contest.
BKM Holding won the consumer nomination in the category of “Electric Buses”. For the second time, BKM Holding has been participating in the Brand of the Year competition (in 2019, the company received the first award in the professional nomination, the category Automobiles, Electric Buses and Auto Centers).
Belarusian brands operating in Belarus, as well as international brands operating in Belarus, are invited to participate in the Brand of the Year Professional Competition. In 2020, more than 80 companies took part in the competition in all categories.
Winners of the Consumer nomination are determined by the results of  SATIO. In a republican survey, interviewers recorded which brands Belarusians know and which ones they are ready to give their preference. In this nomination, the brands won which were named more often than others.
Congratulations to our colleagues on the received awards and we wish them creative success in 2020!