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Tram model 802

Tram model 802

Modern design

The tram is designed for intensive and medium traffic. It can be effectively implemented between periods of rush hours instead of articulated trams. Main elements of the tram body are unified with those of the tram class 843 which allows to create an elegant tram family of the same design but of different passenger capacity and technical characteristics. The low-floor middle part is effectively combined with the lowered floor level of the rear and front entries of the tram and the high level floor above the bogies. This combination allows to raise efficiently the passenger flow and assures the access to the tram for people with limited moving abilities. The total percentage of low floor of the tram is 40%. The body of the tram is tilled with panels of anticorrosive composite materials, thus increasing the trams durability.

Thus we are pleased to offer to our customers the an economically attractive solution designed for maximum comfort of passengers and operators alike.


Technical features

  • Airy, bright and clear interior design adaptable to customer requirements.
  • Excellent overview of the whole passenger compartment
  • 2+1 seating as per customer requirements, in rows or opposite
  • Visual and acoustic aligned passenger information system.
  • Video monitoring, storage and readout of data based on valid statutory regulations of the customer.
  • Easy-to-change external cover made of composite materials.
  • Internal cover from pieces made of composite materials, even panels from aluminium.
  • Fire protection standards based on customer requirements.
  • Available as single-direction or bidirectional vehicle.
  • Conductor seat and heating for conductor area on request from customer.
  • Air-conditioning for the driver’s cab and compartment on customer’s request.
  • High-performance heating.
  • Partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment glazed with a gap for ticket sales.
  • Equipment for PRM: wheelchair space with seat-belt option and driver alert function, manual folding boarding ramp, seats reserved for PRM.
  • Double axle drive and control with air-cooled IGBT–converters.
  • CAN-Bus-control and diagnostics.
  • GPS.
  • Optional energy meter.
  • LED lighting of the driver’s cab and the passenger compartment.
  • Общие характеристики
    • Passenger capacity, people
    • Number of seats
    • Track width, mm
    • The floor height above the road, mm
    • Number of doors
    • Lenght, mm
    • Width, mm
    • Unladen weight of tram, ready for operation
    • Maximum mass, kg
    • Continuous output of electric motor, kW
    • Maximum speed, km/h